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Dentistry For The Whole Family

At Northfield Dental we believe in establishing a strong and healthy oral hygiene habit for the whole family.

Family Dentistry

Family dentistry services are very important, as they can help build a solid foundation for a lifetime of good oral health for the entire family. When a child sees a friendly dentist and forms positive associations with dental care from a young age, they may be less likely to harbor fears or anxiety about dental care later in life.

Our family dentists are extremely well-versed in oral hygiene and passionate about educating the whole family about cultivating the right habits at home. With a friendly demeanor and a gentle touch, each member of our family dentistry team is uniquely qualified to deliver the services and care that your family needs for healthy smiles for life. Whether it’s conducting a routine dental check-up, performing a gentle cleaning, administering a fluoride treatment or applying sealants, we strive to make every experience smooth and free of stress or anxiety. We also understand that dental emergencies like a cracked or knocked-out tooth can occur at any time, and we make ourselves available when families need us most.

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Your Childs Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride is a mineral that helps prevent tooth decay. Unfortunately, some children do not receive an adequate amount of fluoride, even though it can be found in sources such as tap water, infant formulas and toothpaste, among others.

For children who are not getting a sufficient amount of fluoride in their everyday life, the pediatric dentist can provide fluoride treatment. With fluoride treatment, the dentist coats the teeth with the mineral, safeguarding the teeth against damaging acids and, thus, tooth decay. Fluoride treatment for children is available in a variety of flavors; kids can choose the one they like the most.