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Northfield Dental Group is dedicated to staying abreast of technological and technical advancements in dentistry. In fact, the founder of the New Jersey laser dentistry practice, Dr. Ivan Stein, was one of the first dentists in the United States to employ the DENTA carbon dioxide (CO2) laser for the treatment of oral soft tissues. By using the CO2 laser when medically appropriate, the dentists at Northfield Dental Group can often provide nonsurgical, drill-less resolution to many dental issues.

About the DENTA CO2 Laser

With the DENTA CO2 laser, your dentist can gently and precisely target the soft tissue requiring treatment, without affecting the neighboring tissues — and without the use of a dental drill.

The highly precise carbon dioxide laser has an extremely focused spot size and a minimal absorption depth, which allows the West Orange, NJ dentists to deliver added levels of precision during your drill-less dental procedure. In fact, your dentist can eliminate just one layer of cells if necessary, as long as the laser is set to the proper delivery mode and power level. To help ensure that peak power is maintained for the duration of your procedure, the DENTA CO2 laser has a built-in Digital Feedback System (DFS).

Benefits of Drill-Less Dentistry

In contrast to conventional dental treatment methods, the CO2 laser offers an exceedingly precise delivery method, specifically targeting only the particular soft tissue that requires treatment. This helps ensure that the tissue surrounding the treatment site is not affected. Thanks to the accuracy that the CO2 laser affords, drill-less dentistry offers several benefits that some traditional dental treatment options do not.

The following are some of the main advantages that drill-less dentistry provides:

  • Exceptional accuracy – Your West Orange laser dentist can carry out incision, excision and vaporization maneuvers with an exceptional level of accuracy, without impacting the surrounding tissue.
  • Sterilization – The CO2 laser energy destroys bacteria and other organisms on contact, thus minimizing the patient’s risk of suffering a post-surgical infection.
  • Rapid wound healing – The high-energy laser beam stimulates coagulation, or blood clotting, to minimize blood loss. This feature, combined with the highly accurate soft-tissue treatment, often provides rapid wound healing and fast tissue renewal.
  • Added comfort – Some of the dental treatments performed with the use of the CO2 laser are pain-free and bloodless, providing patients with treatment options that are more comfortable than traditional dentistry methods.
  • Less anesthesia and fewer sutures – Thanks to the painless nature of many of the dental treatments performed with the CO2 laser, your dentist may not have to use anesthesia, thus reducing the risk of anesthesia-related complications. Also, he may be able to use fewer sutures or none at all, thanks to the precise way the CO2 laser targets only the treated soft tissue.

Experience the Benefits of Drill-Less Dentistry for Yourself

If you feel anxious at the thought of a dental drill or simply want to experience the benefits of drill-less dentistry for yourself, contact Northfield Dental Group to schedule your next dentist appointment.

To schedule an appointment with one of our West Orange drill-less dentistry specialists to experience the benefits of laser dentistry, please contact the Northfield Dental Group staff by calling today.