5 Oral Health Problems to Tell Your Dentist About ASAP

When to call your dentistNearly everyone will have the occasional canker sore or bout of bad breath. In many cases, these symptoms are nothing to fret about. However, there are certain oral aches, pains and symptoms that may indicate something more serious, and require immediate attention from a dental professional.

Here, the Northfield Dental Group shares five oral health problems your dentist needs to know about immediately when you experience them.

1. Stubborn Mouth Sores

Pay attention to mouth sores, lumps and red/pale patches of skin that won’t heal on their own. If the problem persists for a few weeks, schedule an examination with your dentist. These sores or lumps could be a sign of a minor infection; or, in rare cases, they could indicate oral cancer. Oral cancer is more treatable when caught in its earliest stages, so be proactive about scheduling an exam with your dentist.

2. Loose Teeth

You probably remember what it felt like when your baby teeth loosened and fell out. However, if you are an adult with a wiggly tooth, there could be a serious problem. Perhaps you have suffered an accident or trauma to the face that has loosened a tooth, and the dentist can replace the tooth with a dental restoration. Or, you could have advanced gum disease, which is a leading cause of loose teeth. If you are in the early stages of gum disease, your dentist’s intervention is critical.

3. Pus

If you notice pus when you press on your gums, you may have an infection or abscessed tooth. Alternatively, pus could indicate gum disease (if coupled with inflamed or bleeding gums). The dentist needs to quickly identify the source of the pus, so he can start immediate treatment.

4. Persistent Bad Breath/Bad Taste

Occasional bad breath is common and nothing to worry about. But if you experience persistent foul-smelling breath or a bad taste in your mouth, you could have a build-up of bacteria or a more serious health problem like gum disease, tooth decay or an abscess. Be sure you tell your dentist about this problem ASAP so they can identify the source.

5. Discomfort around Your Wisdom Teeth

If you have soreness or swelling around your back molars (a.k.a., your wisdom teeth), they could be impacted or partially erupted. Abnormal wisdom teeth can attract plaque and debris, cause pain and push the rest of your teeth out of alignment. Contact the dentist right away so he can examine the teeth and determine whether they need to be removed.

Have you experienced one of these oral problems? If so, let us know right away and schedule your appointment at Northfield Dental Group. Call (973) 736-0111 today.