The Benefits of Dental Sealants

Benefits of Dental Sealants

Brushing, flossing and improving dietary habits are all effective methods for preventing dental erosion and gum disease. Additionally, getting regular dental cleanings is a powerful adjunctive measure for minimizing harmful bacteria that cause unfavorable conditions in the mouth. A dental sealant, another protective tool that fights gum disease and cavities, is a thin coating of …Read the full article

Can You Whiten Your Children’s Teeth?

Why Would You Want to Whiten Your Child’s Teeth? There are many factors that could cause your child’s teeth to look dingy or even downright yellow in color. Genetics, ingesting dark-colored foods and beverages, ingesting too much fluoride, use of certain antibiotics and poor brushing and flossing habits can have an impact on a child’s …Read the full article

Getting Your Kids Excited About Brushing

Getting kids excited about brushing

The key to having children practice healthy habits is having them start at an early age. But as a parent, you may have realized this is sometimes easier said than done. You may, for example, have a hard time motivating your children to brush their teeth. This is common, considering many children see brushing as …Read the full article