Why You Shouldn’t Fear Oral Surgery

Why you shouldn’t fear oral surgery at Northfield Dental GroupNo one likes being told they need oral surgery. But the West Orange dentists at Northfield Dental Group want patients to know that oral surgery is not as painful or scary as they may think. Modern techniques and practices have made for much safer and successful surgery, as well as a more comfortable patient experience.

Here, our dentists explain why you shouldn’t fear oral surgery.

Modern Techniques and Tools Allow for More Accuracy and Precision

Advances in dentistry technology, including intraoral cameras and digital imaging, make the planning and execution of oral surgeries more accurate and precise than in previous years. Tools like intraoral cameras allow oral surgeons to obtain highly detailed measurements of your teeth and mouth so they can create a precise treatment plan. Some surgeons use advanced computer software to map out every step of the surgery, including incision placements and placement of dental implants and other dental restorations. Complications from oral surgery today are rare thanks to tools like these.

Sedation Dentistry Makes Surgery Comfortable and Virtually Pain-Free

Prior to oral surgery, a local or general anesthetic is used to enhance patient comfort during the procedure. Patients under general anesthesia are asleep as they are being treated while patients under local anesthesia remain awake. The type of anesthesia used depends on the extent of the surgery being performed. Pain medications can be prescribed to minimize any post-op discomfort.

Should you feel anxious or nervous about having oral surgery, oral sedation techniques can be performed to put you at ease. Oral sedation involves taking a pill some time before treatment that will put you in a “dream-like” state. You will remain conscious during surgery but feel completely relaxed. Afterwards, you will have little if any memory of your oral surgery procedure. Oral sedation does not alleviate pain but it can be combined with local anesthesia to minimize discomfort.

The dentists at Northfield Dental have years of experience performing a wide range of oral surgeries — from dental implants to tooth extractions. To learn more about oral surgery and the measures our team takes to make oral surgery a safe and comfortable experience, schedule a personal consultation. Call (973) 736-0111 today.