Best Tips for Taking Care of Your Dentures

Caring for your denturesDentures are a proven and effective way to restore the health, function and appearance of a complete smile. However, some denture wearers experience problems with their dental appliance, many of which are a result of improper care and maintenance. Whether you wear partial or full dentures, these tips from the trusted West Orange dentists at Northfield Dental Group can help keep them and your mouth in good shape.

Cleaning Your Dentures: Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do rinse your dentures in lukewarm water before brushing to remove large pieces of food and debris.
  • Do brush your dentures at least once a day.
  • Do use a soft-bristled toothbrush to brush all surfaces of your dentures.
  • Do use gentle strokes to brush the dentures.
  • Do place a towel beneath the dentures or clean them over a sink filled with water to avoid breakage or damage.
  • Don’t use abrasive or whitening toothpastes, or any products that contain bleach.
  • Don’t use hot water to clean your dentures.

Storing Your Dentures

Dentures should be soaked in room temperature water or an ADA-approved cleaning solution every night while you sleep. Leaving your dentures out to dry or in hot water can warp them, causing them to fit poorly in the mouth. Before putting the dentures back into your mouth, rinse them thoroughly using lukewarm water.

What To Do If You’re Experiencing Problems with Your Dentures

If you take good care of your dentures but regularly experience issues like mouth irritation, pain, or soreness, it could be that your dentures need to be readjusted or replaced. Dentures that fit poorly could lead to an array of problems including difficulty chewing and speaking, infection and gum disease. It is imperative that you schedule and attend dental checkups every six months so your dentist can ensure your dentures are working properly and your oral health is in an optimal state. If a problem with your dentures is detected, it can be addressed promptly.

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