Do You Need a Filling or a Crown?

Dental crowns in West Orange, NJ

A toothache is a sign something is off with your oral health. It could be minor discomfort or pain that causes you to avoid certain foods or chew on one side of your mouth. The sooner you have a dentist look at your troublesome tooth, the less invasive the solution. Depending on the severity of tooth decay and other issues with your teeth and gums, you may need a filling or a dental crown.

Our skilled dentists at Northfield Dental Group offer tooth-colored fillings and porcelain dental crowns to restore a healthy sheen to your smile.

The Difference Between a Filling and a Crown

Everyone’s oral health is unique. Some are prone to more bacteria and plaque buildup than others, especially those with crooked, overcrowded teeth. Untreated dental plaque leads to cavities that must be addressed quickly to avoid severe injury to the tooth and root. Both fillings and dental crowns fix decay, but which one is best for you depends on the integrity of your tooth.

A tooth with minor decay and tooth damage is often treated with a filling. A filling is done by removing the decayed tooth area and filling it with either amalgam fillings that are silver or composite resin made to match the shade of your tooth.

When decay has done extensive harm to the tooth’s structure, a dental crown is necessary to strengthen the tooth before it requires extraction. After the damage is drilled away, the tooth is prepared for the crown which acts as a cover for the vulnerable tooth. The entire structure is capped by the dental crown, down to the gum line.

The Cosmetic Benefits of a Dental Crown

Dental crowns can treat more than tooth decay. We offer porcelain dental crowns that mimic the natural sheen of your teeth. They can improve your smile by concealing cracked, chipped, misshapen or severely discolored teeth along with those damaged by cavities. Dental crowns fortify fragile teeth but have the added benefit of cosmetic improvements, making you excited to flash your pearly whites in your everyday life.

How to Care for Fillings and Dental Crowns

Both fillings and dental crowns are cared for in the same manner as your given teeth. Make sure you brush your teeth twice a day, floss once a day and rinse with an antiseptic mouthwash — and most importantly, schedule regular dental exams and cleanings with your dentist. Proper oral hygiene will ensure your dental crown lasts 5-15 years.

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