What Is Holistic Dentistry?

What is holistic dentistry?Many people associate the word “holistic” with ancient Asian doctors or patchouli-burning yogis. Although practitioners of so-called eastern medicine do engage in holistic practices, the definition of the word “holistic” goes beyond these common associations. “Holistic” basically means “whole.” Therefore, holistic doctors are those that treat the whole person instead of simply focusing on a specific ailment. For example, a holistic doctor treating a patient with chronic headaches may recommend that the patient try to modify his or her diet to see how the changes in nutrition affect the person’s condition, instead of simply prescribing a pain reliever.

Given this information, what, then, do dentists mean when they say they practice “holistic dentistry”? Let’s explore the answer.

Holistic Dentistry, Explained

At Northfield Dental Group, Drs. Ivan F. Stein, Derek Widmayer, Jeffrey Shapiro and their team offer holistic dentistry when medically appropriate for the patient. The goal of holistic dentistry is to provide dental treatments that take the patient’s entire wellbeing into consideration. This translates into providing dental treatments that have the least potentially negative impact on the patient’s overall health.

For instance, we offer alternative diagnostic approaches instead of those that involve the use of radiation-emitting X-rays, when possible. If we do need to take X-rays of a patient’s teeth and jaw, we minimize the number of X-rays taken. This holistic approach minimizes the patient’s exposure to radiation, thus protecting his or her overall health.

In addition, we opt for minimally invasive treatment options when medically appropriate, use biocompatible, mercury-free dental materials and make suggestions about how patients can prevent future oral health problems.

Also, we can collaborate with patients’ other physicians and healthcare practitioners to provide comprehensive dental and medical care for our patients and their families.

Finally, the dental experts at Northfield Dental Group are committed to educating patients about their treatment options, so they can feel confident about which oral health treatment options to pursue. At Northfield Dental Group, we are dedicated to providing holistic oral health care that honors and respects an individual’s overall wellbeing.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Stein, Dr. Widmayer or Dr. Shapiro to learn more about your holistic dentistry treatment options, contact Northfield Dental Group by calling(973) 736-0111.