What Everyone Should Know about Whitening Strips

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Most people who resolve to whiten their teeth head straight to the drug store to find a kit. Roughly 37 million people in the United States purchased whitening products in the year 2020. Just because bleaching products like whitening strips are popular does not make them very effective, however. Here, the dentists at Northfield Dental Group explain why whitening strips often fall short — and share an alternative that is known to work much better.

The Shortcomings of Whitening Strips

User error is common with whitening strips. People can leave them on for too short a period or too long, the latter of which can pose risks to the health of the teeth. Sometimes, the adhesive causes the strip to stick to itself, rendering it unusable. Other times the adhesive is not strong enough and the strips slip out of place mid-treatment.

The main problem, however, is that the strips do not contain a high enough concentration of whitening solution. Consequently, tooth bleaching cannot reach deep enough to change the color of the teeth. For that reason, the strips are much more effective at removing more recent surface stains than long-standing discoloration.

Professional-Grade Whitening Treatment

At Northfield Dental Group, we see a lot of patients who have been frustrated with the results from their whitening strips, whitening toothpastes and whitening mouth rinses. After discovering that at-home products are not getting them the kind of results they hoped for, they are ready to give our teeth whitening treatment a try.

Fortunately, in-office teeth whitening does not disappoint. It achieves a deeper whitening than over-the-counter products, with patients seeing their teeth whiten by up to eight shades.

One of our elite dentists rubs a custom gel rich in hydrogen peroxide on the teeth. Next, he shines a high-powered light on the mouth to stimulate oxygen molecules in the gel. These molecules immediately get to work to lighten the tooth enamel and dentin. This process is repeated multiple times over the course of an hour. Although the teeth may feel somewhat sensitive after the treatment, discomfort is minimal and professional whitening causes no lasting harm to the teeth.

Ready to Try a Better Whitening Treatment?

Northfield Dental Group features some of New Jersey’s finest cosmetic dentists. They have the expertise and gentle touch to get you a brighter smile without all the discomfort and hassle. To schedule a teeth whitening session with Dr. Ivan Stein, Dr. Derek Widmayer, Dr. Allan Stein or Dr. Jeffrey Shapiro, please call (973) 736-0111.