Why You Might Get Cavities Even If You Brush Regularly

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At Northfield Dental Group, we see a lot of patients who reflexively exclaim, “But I brush every day!” when they find out they have cavities. Alas, it is extremely possible to be a good brusher and still get cavities. Some of the reasons for that include:

You Are Not Flossing Enough

More often than not, cavities form between your teeth from the bacteria that gets stuck in there after eating. When you don’t clear these areas clean with floss, the bacteria are prone to develop into cavities.

Brushing is great, but it’s also just half of the equation. Your toothbrush cannot reach the tight regions that flossing can. To better avoid cavities, it is imperative to include flossing in your daily routine.

Your Diet Is Too Sugary

Brushing and flossing are good methods for alleviating the effects of sugar on your teeth, but what is even better is not eating so much sugar in the first place. The sugar you consume mixes with the plaque that is already present in your mouth to create a kind of acid that causes cavities.

Limiting the amount of sugar in your diet should do wonders for your oral health. On occasions when you do eat candy or drink soda, try to remember to brush as soon as possible afterwards so that the resulting acid does not have a long time to eat away at your teeth.

Your Genes Make You More Cavity Prone

Some people really do have certain genetic factors that increase the likelihood of cavities. Folks who have compact teeth find it harder to properly clean between them. Those with receding gums are also more likely to experience cavities because this condition exposes a part of the teeth that is not covered in enamel. There are also people who have higher calcium levels in their saliva, which leads to increased tartar, which in turn leads to more cavities.

While these genetic factors may be discouraging, none of them should serve as an excuse to abandon sound oral hygiene behavior. On the contrary, they just mean it is more important to be diligent in your brushing and flossing. Your risk for cavities may be higher, but most cavities are still preventable, even if it requires more effort on your part.

Get Your Cavities Taken Care Of

Ultimately, the reason for your cavities is less important than the need to have them treated by a professional. Schedule an appointment with one of the respected doctors at Northfield Dental Group to minimize the damage these cavities can cause.