Here’s What To Do If You Are Unhappy with Your Smile

Cosmetic dentistry for a gorgeous smile New Jersey

Are you bothered by the appearance of your smile but don’t know how to fix it? Then the first thing you should do is schedule a consultation with Northfield Dental Group. Our experienced and skilled West Orange dentists have helped hundreds of patients achieve their dream smile with an array of cosmetic dental treatments. In …Read the full article

Are You in Need of a Smile Makeover?

Are You in Need of a Smile Makeover?

A smile makeover can do more than improve the appearance of your teeth — it can give you more confidence and higher self-esteem. When you’re self-conscious about crooked or stained teeth, you hesitate to smile or laugh. By getting a customized treatment plan from a cosmetic dentist, you can change how you feel about showing …Read the full article

Beautify Your Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

If you are afraid to smile because you feel self-conscious or downright embarrassed about your dental imperfections, Northfield Dental Group has good news: Undergoing a cosmetic dentistry procedure or an entire smile makeover, can improve a variety of dental imperfections. The result is a beautiful, healthy smile that you feel proud of. What Is Cosmetic …Read the full article

What Your Smile Says About You

In most countries and cultures around the world, a smile symbolizes happiness. However, happiness is not the only emotion or characteristic that a smile represents. In fact, some studies assert that the meaning of a smile changes depending on the social context. Here are three unexpected traits your smile might reveal about you. Fertility Research …Read the full article